Monday, February 23, 2009

Meme and this weekend

Association Meme: Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

From: Uomodo
candy- ?! Because I'm so sweet right....or is it cuz I'm fat?! Really I dunno how to elaborate on this one cuz I don't get it.

oh hey! I didn't see you there- The first of our youtube videos when we were on a kick. We had so much fun making that and were so from laughing watching it repeatedly after it was finished. I only regret seeing myself on the toilet if we're watching it in front of someone.

plushies- It's what I do, my passion I guess. I never would have though that sewing toys would be what I would be good at and really enjoy or that I would be making my living doing it, but it's awesome and I love it.

lips- I guess they're kind of full, but I don't really notice them anymore, I think my face has grown into them and I don't have braces anymore making them any bigger. I got braces on my first day of middle school so you can imagine the teasing, not about the braces but my lips...I was asked questions where the other kid was totally serious such as," are you half black" and "do you have lip implants"....

forest creatures- I do love them, some of my favorite creatures to sew reside in the forest :)

From: _pinkandblack_

Hello Kitty- I looove hello kitty. I love Sanrio in general but Hello Kitty has stayed my favorite. I got my first Sanrio thing in 5th grade from a girl at school, it was a Spotty Dottie color change pen. It was so cute I loved it! I fell in love with lots of the characters, every other month or so my mom would give me $50 to go crazy in Sanrio. I remember being on a pippo kick and bad badtz maru that lasted awhile. I think I love Hello Kitty so much because she just makes me happy to look at. I don't covet everything with her on it but I love to have her on my pajamas mostly and just little things<3

Sea Horses- I do love sea horses, they've always reminded me of Ed. I was going to get him one for one of our earlier anniversary's but I found out they're super delicate and it didn't seem like a great investment. I do love to sew them though :)

the color blue- I love blue, it's not my favorite color but I'm drawn to buying blue clothes and in my fleece collection blue is what I have the most different shades of.

lip piercings- I have my lip pierced again after a few years. The first time I had it for close to a year i think but them took it out because putting the clear thing in for my job was becoming a hassle and it was starting to hurt. Before that I had the left side pierced too and was planning on getting the right side done, but it wouldn't heal, it was done too close to my lip and hurt all the time.

Etsy!- Thank god for Etsy! I'm pretty sure I found out about it through a livejournal community but I cant remember exactly how. I signed up in august of 2006 and I've loved it ever since. Being on Etsy has definitely motivated me to keep sewing. Seeing those sale emails is one of the best feelings in the world, knowing that people connect to something I've made and want to own it or think it's the perfect gift for a loved on is just awesome :D

PJ - Harvey West Park

Acacia started getting interested in what I was doing :)

Acacia explaining that his body's not working.

We found a dead bug. Acacia was explaining that his body isn't working :)

Hole in the wall ;)

She's microscopic!

Eli , January

This pic was taken last month, he's bigger now and his hair is even lighter. How on Earth did we get blessed with these babies?! We have so many conversations now about how it wouldn't make sense for us to have kids, because we wouldn't have anytime for Acacia and Eli, we would have to get a babysitter so we could spend time with them. I can't wait till Eli's big enough to come out with us<3

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