Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In honor of livejournal turning 10 soon, my first "blog" post.

[15 Mar 2001|02:56am]
So im doing this,i dont really know why.i dont really have anything to say i just pretty much think my page looks pretty so i wan to see writing on it.im not sure exactly what i should use this for i guess i can say what i did today.i tried to get into school and i couldnt because i have like 15 credits and im supposed to be ajunior.....right.so idunno.i went to school with edmund then we went to eat with our friends and play taboo,fun game.i found out i talk to much but i guessi allready knew that ,as you can see i say a lot of stuff but theres not much content idf that makes sense.im pretty sleepy.i dont feel like trying to get into school tomorrow cuz im on my period so i have about 10 knives in my back lowering my giving a crapness.i hate my situation and i wsh i lived with my mom and didnt have to put up with loud retards.well i had fun today and tomorrow should go well so no need to worry right now.this seems kind of pointless maybe all get more into it later,i bet i sound really depressed,im not im just tired and confused on how to use this ,like do i need to explain things like im telling a story since other people are gonna read it or what . too tried to explain anything is all i know now.bye

Wow life sucked back then, but somehow we made it though. I was 16 living with Ed's mom and sister in a vacation house while Ed lived with his grandma. Ed's sister was going out with a crazy heroin addict that was for some reason aloud to stay with us even though he was....a heroin addict! and stole from ed's mom. He's in jail now, probably forever. The only way I made it through that time was Ed would pick me up from school and I'd stay at grandma's till late,shower then he'd take me home to sleep.

It's so weird to think there was a time when we couldn't sleep together every night. I would fall asleep dreaming about the day we could live together, it's all the sweeter now.

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