Sunday, July 26, 2009

Aaaah yesterday was a good day. I started out riding my bike to pick up Ed's lunch before he woke up. I'm trying hard to lose weight, i feel like I look fine but I am sooo uncomfortable in my clothes and I refuse to buy a new wardrobe when I have 2 closets full of cute stuff! I've been eating well but it doesn't seem to matter if I don't exercise. The ride was good, I took an easier route than I used to when I was in shape but it was still hard and I switched my gears up when it was too easy for maximum leg burnage!

After lunch we went over to sis' because Acacia was jonesing for us, they went to aunt deb's(joe's aunt) earlier and well that is NOT aunties house but my sister said "aunt+house" thus I had to see my bub :) Weeeell the other day I gave my sister a bunch of fabric that I bought when I worked at harts, yards of things that I'll never use, including some adorable flannel that I got from SuperBuzzy with the intention to make myself a pair of pj pants but I never did. So because I have the most awesome sister in the wooorld she made me pjs!! :D

PJs made by my sis<3

Then when my day couldn't have gotten any better Ed surprised me with roses when he was out getting dinner, 2 dozen long stem pink roses<3 I actually didn't realize they were long stem till he asked me how much I caught off, oops!

Roses from Ed<3

Ed's at the office today for a beta test/nerd party and I'll be working on commissions. Spinnerette tomorrow!!

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