Friday, July 24, 2009

Things happening

7.27- Spinnerette in SF!!

7.29- Pick up Tommy from the airport, the bromance continues...

8.2- Acacia's crazy Butterfly birthday party, my sister is renting out a ginormous park and made tons of butterfly wings and antennae for the kids (you know I'll be snagging a pair) and we're decorating white baseball hats. Woot should be tons of fun! We're trying to get a gameboy sp set up with tons of Games for Acacia but if that doesn't work out I want to get her a fisher price car, I always wanted one of them when I was little but my grandparents ended up getting me some type of go kart looking this with pedals, which was cool... but I just wanted the simple flinstone car :x

8.3- The SF zoo for Acacia's actual birth date day!

8.9- Sunn O))) @ the "haunted" Brookdale Lodge

In between these times and the rest of the month I'll be finishing my Plush You pieces and shipping them, being Jackie's labor coach! I bet the baby comes on my birthday :D Turning 25, Guppy will turn 7 aww my big guy<3 Also Ed's mom's bday is on the 3rd, my bro in law's is on the 12th, and my grandma's is the 27th....jeeeeze! Leos abound, we're taking over the world! (yes my grandma is actually a virgo, but if you met her you'd know she's a true leo.

Commissioned- owl loves mushroom brooch
Commissioned owl brooch.

Guppy, contemplating turning 7 next month!
Guppy contemplating turning 7

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