Monday, August 17, 2009

Ummm did you know....

that you can sneak into Sears portrait studio and use their lights,backdrops, etc.?!

You can! but you have to supply your own sweaters/sweater vests.

Super Meat Boy Press Photo

Also I'm 25.

We have a new nephew, born on my birthday, Dusty Elijah.

Lil Dusty Born @ 4:11pm

I've helped with 3 births in 3 years....still not sold on the idea :)

I have a new tattoo.

Birthday tattoo-pincushion

last but not least, we have a beautiful new kitty names Moxie! She was rescued by a friend in San Jose and we picked her up yesterday. She is the sweetest baby ever, even Guppy is coming around pretty quickly, I think they'll be snuggling by tomorrow night.


More pics on Flickr.


allison j. sebastian said...

such a cute kitten! hilarious that you can use the stuff at sears.

Katz said...

3 things!
Is that Tommy and Ed?
My name is Elijah too!
Cute kitty...
I'm done...