Sunday, October 04, 2009

Taking a lil break from the hospital. Ed was in severe pain starting around 12am, he thought it was just his back and food poisoning(the most barfing i have ever heard)around 4:30am i called his mom to take us to the emergency room, thank god she always has her phone by her. At around 10am they found gallstones and he's gonna have his gallbladder removed tomorrow. They gave me a little bed so i can sleep by him. The very good news is he had an ekg and his heart is good and chest x-rays and his lungs are good. We don't have insurance but who really gives a fuck, i just want my special guy to be healthy and home.This is a big wake up call for him/us to start being healthy and he's gonna be 30 in march and i always told him once he hits the big three oh I'm gonna control every piece of food that goes in his mouth! Also tomorrow is our 10 year anniversary, i think i'm getting a jar of gallstones<3

please keep ed in your thoughts and prayers!

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TilliEllie said...

You two are definitely in my thoughts. Congratulations on your anniversary. :)