Thursday, October 15, 2009


I should do a better update but I'm tired, I can tell you though that we went to Ed's post op appointment and he's healing really well. The pathology report showed that he had chronic and acute something(cant remember). So the walls of his gallbladder were all thick and scarred from chronically being inflamed and then it was also very inflamed when they removed it. My poor bub! I've been making dinner every night and I *remind* him to take breaks from working and we walk around the neighborhood. So far so good :D
We're staying at a hotel for 2 nights, we're on night 2, while our apartment is fumigated, termites were noshing on our neighbors walls :/

It's kinda relaxing i suppose, maybe not so much because we're still in our town so i of course would much rather be home??....we walked downtown a bunch and saw Paranormal Activity last night(soooo lame, don't waste your money!) I forgot how many insane people there are on this side of town. I wanna go home! I miss the kitties!! and my sewing machine!

I'm proud of us that even though we aren't home we're still eating well and of course getting a lot of exercise.

Hopefully once we're home tomorrow things can return to normal for a while, that would be nice :D

We're supposed to see Zombieland tonight which i really wanna see but I'm sooo sleepy, Ed will have to decide.

at the Inn

at the Inn

At the Inn

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Anonymous said...

Gregor is awesome! And you are as well. :)