Monday, December 07, 2009

Hullo! Hullo!

Oh jeeze jeeze jeeze! 4 days till Bazaar Bizarre. I know most people do really well under pressure but for me especially since I don't know what to expect from a big Christmas fair I just feel frozen and like i couldn't possibly do enough to be ready. At least for this fair I will actually be printing tags and they will have a space for the price so that will be an improvement.

I really thought this year with us both being pretty busy that we were gonna be able to wait till Xmas eve to exchange gifts.....but Ed is bad. He brought boxes out and set them on the coffee table at like 3am, I only have so much self control. Ed got me really great gifts! He got me a Kindle :x I was really skeptical of them but having one in my hands and getting free books wirelessly, being cozy in bed with only one hand sticking out of the covers! It's fabulous, it is THE coolest thing ever. I got "real" books too, a book by Roseanne Barr's sister from 1994 and one written by Roseanne in 1989 right when her show was taking off. I've started them both and I'm in the middle of Dracula, but that's too scary to read in bed :D Since me and ed have been together we have watched Rosanne almost all the way through at least 5 times but always get bored at the 9th season with the strange turn the show takes, but this time we were determined and I'm glad we did, it's all addressed and explained in the last episode. I kept telling Ed I remembered it from when I was little being really weird, and it is, and sad. It seems like Rosanne is disliked by so many people and I don't get it. She's an amazing comedian, I love the show, especially as a married woman with a "lazy" husband :) and she's a fantastic writer, i was laughing like crazy already in the first few pages of her book. Yeah i guess she might be weird now but lots of old celebrities are. I'd like you to get millions of dollars and be watched constantly and see how strange you become.

OK that's enough of that. The other books I got are The Gospel According to Coco Chanel. I saw the movie with Shirley MacLaine and I while I didn't think it was great, it was still inspiring learning about her life. House of Leaves It looks like it was written by a crazy person and is supposed to be one the of scariest books ever! Ooo and Getting Things Done, I read about that one on a blog :) It means a lot to me that Ed goes out of his way to look up books for me, things that i've never heard of, It's pretty awesome<3

Oh Kindle! you're my only friend<3

I also got a pink Snuggie, which looks way more comfy on the box then it actually is, its way thinner than any fleece i sew with. Bumpits(Bum Pits), I've seen the commercial a thousand times and yes I want a bump on my head. 2 sweet ass Buffy shirts! When I first finished the series i looked all over for them and all i could find were some cheaply homemade ones on Ebay. Ooo! How did I almost forget a new lens for my camera! Expired shrimp flavored chips! So before you get all pooey and think that I'm spoiled just remember that we were in the hospital on our 10 year anniversary and Ed is working nonstop so I see the back of his head a lot more than anything else, therefore i think he got me things that i will be able to entertain myself with. He does always go a little crazy at Xmas though so whatever...get off my back!

OK that is my update, now back to work.

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