Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving :D

Today turned out to be a really good Thanksgiving, the best we've had since Dusty's been gone. Last year I was going to make a mock TG dinner and while I was peeling potatoes the sink stopped draining and our neighbors kitchen somehow flooded because of it so we ended up eating the king of mediocre dinners at Marie Calendar's, I think it was $20 a person too!

Jackie made a SUPER good dinner and my favorite, yams with marshmellows. I don't know how I developed a taste for those things because I thought they were gross when I was a kid. Then we put on Trains,Planes,and Automobiles, Ed sprawled on the couch and me and Jackie laid on the floor with baby Jack, he was cooing up a storm.

Well, I am still feeling like I could pop, so it's nap time for me and then sewing.

A new bebe to be thankful for<3

My favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner, thanks Jack!


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