Monday, February 15, 2010


I got my Moxie tattoo for my baby kitty and scissors, which are my little Gingher's that i can't live without and I absolutely love how they both came out :D My usual tattoo guy went back to school, so i saw the guy that he recommended and who taught him a lot when he first started working in the shop. I was really nervous to be working with someone else but my new guy is super nice and mellow...oh and really good so yay! for not having to go to another shop and deal with snotty douche bags *high five*

I almost got the scissors on my forearm because I've been avoiding my inner arm, when i got my rose my arm turned black and blue but i sucked it up and did it. On the plus side they're kind of hidden so people wont ask me if I'm a hairstylist constantly. I'm so glad my sewing machine is on the back because i rarely get talked to about it and just those few times i wanna die. I get lots of comments on hello kitty but its usually just a quick, "that's cute" and I can be on my way.

I don't mean to sound rude but i really don't have tattoos so i can start conversations, i don't like talking about myself to total strangers in the grocery store :D

Ode to Moxie<3

My lil ginghers!


Petals said...

I hate talking about my tattoos too. I also have a sewing maching tattoo and people constantly ask me why I have it. Ummmm...because I like to sew.
Your new tattoos look great.

Danielle said...

exactly, thank you :D