Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Day 1

Okok so i cant say much because we're sitting in the hotel lobby and it's ed's turn to get on here, he's been very patient! He even went across the street to get snacks and i thought i was gonna poop myself because i thought he would get mugged. We decided to come a day early to trick Ed's brain! now we can get up whenever we want tomorrow and not worry about getting to his talk on time (art panel?) We got lost for an hour and a half in a 5 mile radius of our hotel it sucked, but we got to drive through china town! we checked in met up with Tommy and Jordan(sound guy) and went to a fantsy pants bar where we ran up IGN's tab with coke and orange juice! then we went to Mel's and I got a free milkshake because there was a HUGE crack in my glass(see last pic)! Our room is nice and cozy but no internet unless we want to pay 12.95 for 24 hrs. No thanks, it's already $45 a day to park :x but that's ok, the lobby is nice and smells like lilies :) Ok more later.










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