Wednesday, March 17, 2010


and I'm sick, but I'm calling in my antibiotics prescription tomorrow so hopefully I'll finally kill this sinus infection! :/

OK highlights of our trip to San Francisco (GDC/IGF)!

-Woke up the first day with 2 flea bites :/ Got the night for free and 2 nights of free parking, plus were moved to a super nice room! totally worth it.
-Met Jamie, Tommy's sister, she rules! We had lots of fun! It was sad when she was gone.
-Saw a guy pooping on the sidewalk on the way to breakfast, saw the poop 2 more times.
-Ate at Mel's so much that I threw up when I got home. Also ate the most delicious food at Buca di Bippo and then an amazing cupcake from a cupcake shop and then threw that up. It's not good for your tummy to drink lots of coffee and eat one meal consisting of fried food and milkshakes :/
-Got a super cute purse at Sanrio.
-Stayed away from the house for 4 days without either of us freaking out!

Ok just look at the pics, there's a 138 :D <----CLICK MEEE!

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