Thursday, April 29, 2010

Some new creatures :)

Nestle Beaverling

Nestle Beaverling, for some reason this color combo makes me hungry :)

Penny Merbunny
Penny Merbunny
Penny Merbunny, I really love her. She might be my favorite mer-animal that I've made and I love that button on her ear, it's so sunny.

ZOMBIE KITTY! I've never made a zombie anything before, better late than never! I really like how he turned out especially his bone leg :)

I visited at my sister's for a bit today. Acacia is learning the art of jokes, especially knock-knock jokes. The best one she had today was "knock knock, who's there? acacia, acacia who? acacia BUTT!" she thought that was really hysterical. A few months ago there was no comedy, the punchline was acacia grace, her middle name, so she's learning :) She also wanted me to keep telling her jokes like, "how do you make a kleenex dance?" and then the would laugh before the punchline. Let it be known that I totally biffed it and said,"how do you make a boogie dance".

We watched F is for Fake was alright I guess, I mostly just liked everything in the background, mainly an amazing white cuckoo clock that was shown twice.

I made the mistake of not blow drying my newly cut bangs when i got out of the shower and now they're sitting like perm on my head.

4am...almost my bedtime...nightnightxoxo

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