Monday, May 31, 2010

Seahorses before and after

I got these guys off ebay a year or so ago, they're no brand in particular and were in pretty bad shape. 2 coats of orange,a hot glue gun, and 3 buttons later I like them much better. I can't wait till I can hang them on a wall that isn't white :)

Today Ed found a backup disc full of pictures. I am sooo happy, I have been wondering if I would ever find a disc with Guppy's baby pics on it :) I got him August 19th 2002

This was after his very last bottle, lookit that belly!

There were also pics of  Daisy<3 It's probably just turned 2003 here
At one time she was big enough to push guppy around, but he quickly outgrew here. He loved to get in here cage :)

Come back on Monday to see who wins the Poilu giveaway!

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