Saturday, May 29, 2010

*yawn* again :)

I was gonna post last night but then we started watching What is it? and it was so weird that we started typing everything that was happening, we thought it would be funny to share but after like 20min it became obvious that it was too offensive in writing and neither of us would post it :/ It's too awful to watch, mayhaps if it was made in the 70s it would be different but, Crispin Glover....i dunno man...

 Ooo the night before last I finished up a custom order for a 5" tall groundhog. It's for the husband of one of my customers, I hope he likes it :)

Groundhog - commission

Yesterday was my sister's birthday, we went over for chinese food and my mom's delicious apple pie with super crispy top. Eli was not feeling so hot so I went with my sis to take him to urgent care, Happy birthday! aaaaw j/k poor eli, he's fine he's just got a lil bug. On the way home we stopped by Toys r' us. My sister has a serious addiction to littlest pet shop pets that she pawns off on acacia :) I found an awesome lil hello kitty color changing led night light and a jewelry box on sale!

lil Hello Kitty night light

I spray painted 2 little knick knack shelves today(bright yellow and pink!) and made over a set of three chalkware seahorses. I'll have to wait to share till tomorrow for natural light.
see you then.


bitofeye said...

wow, very cute ^^^

Daphne said...

i am so in love with your cute little friends!!