Thursday, May 27, 2010


whoa! today went by fast. My tattoo session was pretty damn painful :x it reminded me of my very first one, a little heart on my tummy/hip area, felt like a hot razor blade...anyway I love love love it! I adore my giant bobbin and I'm naming him bob<3 Might add color to the buttons later but i really like how they look now and the background is gonna be blue-ish so might look nice just as it is. I'm quite pleased with myself, I think I handled the pain pretty well and kept the odd noises to a minimum.

Last night I finished a dragon commission I was working on. I've been asked to make one before and I just couldn't figure out how I would do it. So I told this to the customer and they said they were thinking it would be the same shape as the Zombie Kitty, what I call "Beaverling body" :) as soon as she said that it clicked! and I was like oh yeah I can do that :)  So first look at my awesome drawing! Thank god people trust my sewing and forgive my doodles.

Mad skills right?! Haha....ok here's the final result.
He's a chunk too! My favorite part is his little fingers and toes.The customer is in another timezone so I haven't heard back yet but I hope she loves him :) 

My hair, the top, is super red! I can't seem to capture it very well because though this looks bright it's even more so in person.

Time for some coffee and more sewing. Night night<3


whatestrogen said...

That dragon is the cutesy thing! :)
I love your tattoos.

Natalie said...

Oh I want that Dragon!!! lol. P.S. I love your hair too!

MarySew said...

awesome hair, awesome dragon!

Becky Farley said...

Holy moly!! That little dragon fellow is awesome! His little wings and pig nose are the best! :)
Your hair is very pretty!