Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wobbly Wednesday!

Ok fiiirst of all I'm getting work done on my sleeve tomorrow! It's getting closer to being done little by little :) Ed's also workin on his sleeve, maybe one of us will be able to take pics, either way you know I'll show you right after in all it's swollen glory.

I've been on the hunt for affordable faux fur since I really don't need a full yard of anything and my local fabric store has a good but fairly limited selection. Chelsea was kind enough to make me a listing of of some good size pieces of extra bits that she has, I also got the bright idea to google fur swatches and found that has a thing where you can order 3.5x5" swatches of pretty much anything for $1 and the first five are free! so today I got a box of deliciously awesome fur that is going to make some sweet poilus!

Fur swatches!

I made 2 sweet minis for a giveaway on A Beauitful Mess, Elsie will be having a 24 hour blog party starting May 31st @ 12am so be sure to stop by and enter.

minis for a giveaway!

Ok that's about it...I'm pushing myself to get out and exercise before I get back to my custom orders. Until tomorrow here are a two recommendations for watching:

The Guild  if you're a nerd,dork,or know anything about WoW you will find this funny.

Killer at Large  super depressing like most "America sucks" documentaries i.e. Sicko,but definitely an important watch, at least with this information you have control over making your life better.


Monsterforge said...

Those minis are adorable! Danielle, are the tummies removable or are they stitched in place? I'm fascinated by the design of your pieces... you have really made an awesome little fuzzy world with your own hands! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Danielleorama said...

Thank ya :) They're stitched in place.