Monday, May 24, 2010


Hi hi! Just a quick post to show you a sweet and very chubby periwinkle lion I finished last night, his name is Thurston<3

Aaaand some spray paint I got as OSH yesterday! It's so exciting for me because I did not know there was a such a great selection of colors. I'm planning on painting some shelves and I'll have to see what else could use a makeover :D

Now off to help my mom put the beasts (aka my niece and nephew) to bed.


Tee* said...

Oh my goodness. I <3 Thurston. Completely. So adorable.

LaurenSmash said...

love this so much. tiny lion ornaments. its already christmas in my head.

ElysianDreaming said...

AHHH! Will Thurston be up for sale? I loooove him!!!! ♥

Danielleorama said...

He's already gone! But if you would like a custom lion, you can convo me on etsy or email me :)