Sunday, May 23, 2010

You guuuuuys!

Thank you guys so much that have entered the giveaway, for your sweet comments and sharing it all over it really makes me so happy :D <---- a way bigger smile than that!

I also want to thank Lisanne & Jamie who continue to make me feel all squishy inside(here). I can't wait to see this film completed, the interviews are gonna be so awesome. Lisanne has this quality about her where you feel like you could just get in your jammies and tell her your life story. Also it's really fun to say her name LEEEESAAAAN PEEEJOOOO! They're gonna be on TigRadio soon! 6pm pst!

Aaaand flickr is not working for me again for some reason....wheee! Does the mass uploader just not work for you sometimes?

Last night we had a lot of laughs with a bag of parts from the dollar store :)

I got some delicious new fabric! and some fleece that I need for a swap!...I'm doing a swap with chelsea of LoveandaSandwhich *so excited*
Ordered these last night, too cute to resist! and cheaper even after shipping that at the fabric store, woot!  I really need to get all my Ginghers sharpened,just need to find a place.
Ooo ooo also, enter the giveaway on The Dainty Squid, Kaylah's awesome! her blog is one of my faves<3


Ana Camamiel said...

Ha, ha, ha! These creepy tongue & nose!
The fabrics are cute, I´m sure that your swap with loveandasandwich will be awesome.
I can´t believe these scissors!

Michelle's Blog and Cards said...

LOL - the face bits are crazy - love them - Michelle