Monday, June 14, 2010

I have no legs...

I mean, I have blue hair,but i haven't had a good picture yet :/ I realized the other day I did this exact thing 3 years ago, same cycle: bleached,red,blue,blue black,black. I will definitely go back to black soon. I feel so perdy with dark hair after it's been light awhile.

Saturday we went to Ed's cousin's wedding reception. I really like his wife :D we have a similar sense of humor and are always wearing the same thing....spoooky.

Today(yesterday for those who are asleep) I hung out with my bubs. We walked to the park with a bowl of water balloons. I really wanted to throw one at the dog's butt, but my brother in law said no! lame! I continue to set bad examples for the children :D

when we got back to the house my mom had one of my favorites ready, pestochickenroastedcorncurlynoodles, num nums.

Theeeen mah sis and I went to Ross for some bub-free shopping and had too much fun laughing at ginormous underpants. I actually found super cute leather roxy sandals for $9.99, the last pair i bought were triple that! It is quite amazing to find anything good in a 10 or 11, I should have taken a picture of the selection I had, a drag queen stripper would be in heaven.

Kaylah got her Poilu so I can show him to you now! Meet Pynden! I really like how he turned out. I'll be posting another giveaway this week so check back soon :)

Pynden Poilu - giveaway poilu!


Sabrina said...

The green-brown-yellow stuff (aka pestochickenroastedcorncurlynoodles)looks reeeeeeeaaaallly yummy!
And the Poilu is sooo cute!

Van said...

I'm in love with your retro fun illustration and craft style. Beautiful blog, I'm a new follower and fan :)

Danielleorama said...

Sabrina- It is super yummy!gotta be careful not to stuff myself :x

Van- Hi hi :3

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