Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A State of Mind

We watched  A State of Mind  the other night, it was pretty interesting.
Two young North Korean gymnasts prepare for an unprecedented competition in this documentary that offers a rare look into the communist society and the daily lives of North Korean families. For more than eight months, film crews follow 13-year-old Pak Hyon Sun and 11-year-old Kim Song Yun and their families as the girls train for the Mass Games, a spectacular nationalist celebration involving thousands of performers.


Origami_potato said...

Interesting, I watched this movie sometime last week. Mmm Netflix instant watch. But yeah, it was fairly interesting. Amazing how much work goes into one event.

Danielleorama said...

Haha yes "fairly interesting" I wasn't enthralled but I wasn't sure how to recommend it.

yeah, super weird. Also the calling whatshisface father...weird...