Friday, July 23, 2010

Catch up

Ok let's see...First, thank you for the comments on my lil stop motion! If you're curious, what I did was set my camera up on a tripod (found at a thrift store) and used this handy dandy remote. I took about 45 pics trying to keep Moxie away the whole time :) then exported them all to windows movie maker, sped it up as fast as I could, exported it as a video then imported that video and sped it up to the max again...published it and viola.

2. I was feeling pretty crappy and depressed about my weight again, even though we are still walking, etc. It's not enough for me, so I joined a gym that's right down the street. It is wonderful! So much better than the last place I was a member at for 3years. The new place is very intimate, the people are super nice, the equipment is all new and gets upgraded often. You get 3 free training sessions and a body fat analysis. I had my first session today, so so helpful! I actually felt like i was doing something. I don't have any doubts this will be good because I like going to the gym, I can walk there, and having someone show me what I should be doing will get me results. I would just plod along at my old gym, not really knowing what I should do and after not seeing much of a result is was disheartening. Anyway, I'm excited and I'll keep you updated.  I have the body fat analysis thing on Tues. I'm interested, people think it sounds scary but I'm pretty realistic, I know I'm overweight, I weigh 200lbs...jelly belly... you can see me I'm not fooling you :)

3. I finished Lonesome saaad! This book was EPIC! It is now my favorite book I love love loved it. I laughed, I cried, I bit my nails off, stayed up till 7am reading under the covers....and now it's over *sigh* I will probably read the next book, but I need a break, it pretty much consumed me the past week. We're gonna hopefully rent the movie tomorrow, I bet Robert Duvall makes a great Gus <3

4. Chelsea got her Nautilus! I was really pleased with how he came out, even though i was gonna put the head on the correct way, i still did it wrong :D but really though it looks better my way, nature should fix em.

I made two more,not as big, that I think are pretty awesome. I'll show you tomorrow.


bitofeye said...

Cheer you up, Sometime also feel so down about my weight. and I also addict to Gym as well, I think is a good referesher.

Fighting with your weight.
love your blog ^^

Crystal said...

I followed a link to your blog from love & a sandwich's DA post of the Catopus and I just have to say I love your work! The Nautilus came out great! You definitely have a new follower :D