Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ok ok I'm back :)

Here are those Nautilus I was telling you about.
They're already spoken for but you can see more detailed pics on my flickr.

We went up the coast yesterday, found only a small amount of sea glass but we walked a lot and it was nice taking a break together<3
Up the coast

I got my swap plush from Chelsea! I knew it was gonna be a catopus but I didn't know it was gonna be Guppy, it makes is that much more special that she took the time to model it after guppy, check it out :D
From Chelsea (LoveandaSandwich)
Speaking of Guppy....did you know he talks?!

I got new tags for my packages, made by the awesome Bullfrog Laserworks!
New tags!

I've been pretty pooped from going to the gym. I was so sore the day after my training session, i really wasn't expecting that. Then surprisingly I felt good the next day and went back did my cardio and weights and then was sore again yesterday, plus the walking a ton on the sand didn't help. I went again today and i REALLY didn't want to, I stood in the parking lot and almost got back into the car...but I went in and rocked out the whole thing. Tomorrow I've got the fat test :x 

Here's a new owl brooch before I go. Dontcha love teal and red :D

Red & teal owl brooch


Saskia said...

Wow, wow! Your work is so unique and so lovely!!!!!

Hihi... also love the catopus!

Sweet greetings, Saskia :)

MarySew said...

LOL most awesome catopus!

and I love your Nautiluses

Crystal Allen said...

Great job on the other two Nautiluses! I love the green one :P

What do you do with the sea glass if you don't mind me asking. We used to go around and collect it when my grandparents lived near the beach, but we never really did anything with it...now I wish I could find it.

I'm glad to see we're not the only ones who pick on our cats XP

Good job on sticking to the gym! It really is tough at first, but just DON'T GET BACK IN THE CAR! LOL Keep up the good work!

Van said...

Aw, the cat octopus has guppy's wide olive eyes, beautiful! And I love that first picture of the squids on the pretty retro chair- too much tasty eye candy in this post!

Van said...
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Van said...

On closer examination those are not squids, those are Nautiluses. My apologies! They are beautiful.


I love your tags, I'm so envious of them! I'm eyein that shop to get some made for my gallery show stuff.

& im glad you <3 your catopus! i had fun makin him, im totally doin a blogpost today about your nautilus :D

Megan said...

oh my swoooon fest! Both of you ladies are SO talented. I'm lovin the nautilus! I need a super cool hobby other than quilting so I can have fun trades!!

Trash by Trashlee said...

LOL..... simply LOL