Friday, August 13, 2010

Hairs cut, all of em

Right after hair cut,straightened

Since I'm gonna be 26 (on saturday :) I figured I should have a grown up hair cut, plus even though i seem to have fine hair it's very wavy and there seems to be a lot of it, resulting in me looking like a mushroom :( or it being way too hot to ever have down and then whats the point of having long hair. I've always been a little skeptical of layered hair because sometime it's so drastic and it looks like theres a long bit that should have just been cut off. I was so surprised at how much hair was on the floor and my hair still looked so long! Now that I've washed it and let it dry naturally I love it even more, it's so light and soft and still long :) 

Heeey - washed and air dried
(please excuse my jiggly puff eyes, it's a fuggy day :)

Bear loves space kitty brooch

Pink drops owl brooch

Orange teal owl brooch

The last brooch is the first one I've made with the fancy felt I ordered from Giant Dwarf. If you've been looking for a wool felt blend that's thick this is the stuff and all the colors I ordered are beautimous!

So since i still have a bit of this damn sinus infection even though it seems to be gone at times I decided to not get a tattoo for my birthday and instead had something custom made for myself which is so awesome I cant wait to show you! Hopefully i'll get it next week :D


harmonybatham said...

ugh I had a sinus infection just last week-they're the WORST:( I hope you feel better soon! and i adore your owl brooches:)

Petals said...

I love your little animal brooches. So very cute.

Mini Mo said...

They are sooooo cute! :D Ive just found your blog and i think i will stay here for a while :D Ive read some of your posts and i already think you are really nice and interesting person :D And i like your tattoos! :D