Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Slowly but surely!

When I say that to Ed I like to say it like this "slooowly BUTTshirely", I dunno why, but yeah I am getting getting better. I was so spoiled with health after taking those antibiotics :/  I kinda don't ever let Ed do anything around the house...at all, I'm kinda a control freak about stuff like that, he has proven that he will only make a huge mess, aaand he's busy working 24/7 any way, sooo when I'm sick I'm kinda screwed :) Luckily my mom brought me jamba juice and washed my dishes. She helps me do errands every week but it was extra nice to get a giant smoothy<3 

edit: after rereading this i don't think Ed is getting a fair shake, so I'll mention that he always gets me whatever medicine i need,drives me to the Dr.,gets me pho and cookies for dinner and says "I'm sorry baby" very sympathetically every single time I complain about feeling like poop<3

Sadly I was sick for Acacia's birthday party, but we were able to see her on her birthday. We got her a ton of cute dresses, that's all she wears these days, because that's all princesses wear of course! 

I should be back tomorrow with a few new brooches. I leave you with a necklace Acacia made me (probably actually my sister :) and some sweet shoes I scored at ross!

That's me


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Anonymous said...

those shoes are adorable! :)