Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A custom order and num nums!

This year has brought me some super custom orders. I have more confidence with these things now and I have such a good time with them :) One of my super customers liked the face of my Death Moth and asked for a skeleton, and here's what happened:
Custom order Skeleton!

I love when I'm in the middle of making something and I think, "Awww yeeeah that's cute!" 

and now for the purchases! I <3 Thaifabshop 

cute fabric!

Mmm pile o tapes!

Mmm deco tape!

Mmm deco tape!

And! an awesome sweatshirt from Threadless, on sale too *gleee*

Bestest sweatshirt!

Thank you so much for the Mer-animal <3 

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