Monday, September 20, 2010

Mer-animals Plush You Seattle 2010

Hi guys! Here are my pieces for Plush You Seattle 2010. A mer-cat,mer-bunny, and a mer-pig. I love them all so much<3 They are all pretty big, the cat being the largest at approximately 33" long! Last year i made more basic pieces so I'm really glad I did something bit more special this year. "Mer-things" are probably my favorite things to make. If you know me you know that after hello kitty comes mermaids with seahorses bringing up the rear :) There is just something about scales and fins that seem so magical!

Mer-animals Plush You Seattle 2010

Mer-animals Plush You Seattle 2010


Mer-cat top


Mer-bunny details


They are off to Seattle tomorrow where they will be shown at Nancy on October 8th at the opening of this year's Plush you! 


MarySew said...

naww, they are so adorable!

out of the frame said...

really cute - and I love your new blog design :)

corey marie said...

oh, they ARE magical. I think I love the mer-cat the most. ^__^

Van said...

I love them, they're perfection! AW!

Jenn said...

SO cute! I'm working on a mer-nicorn! (mermaid unicorn) I'll be sure to share it when I get enough time to put it together. :)