Saturday, September 04, 2010


Today was the first day of  PAX2010. Ed and Tommy have been working non-stop, when i say that it's not an exaggeration, and working till the morning.  Unfortunately we couldn't go because ya know they kinda have to finish the game. These guys work so hard, it's crazy. Like i could try and explain how insane it is for 2 guys to make a game for 4 platforms in 18 months but there's just no way to accurately describe it. I truly think any other two people would have crumbled under the pressure, but they both love what they're doing so much and are also insanely good at it. Ed eats,sleeps,and breathes game design and tommy's so technically gifted he's like that lil black kid on Heroes that talks to computers...I literally fall asleep when he talks.

If you are at PAX you'll be able to see Super Meat Boy on 4 screens, one where Danny(music) and Jordan(sounds) are(if you see them say hi! Tease Jordan and ask Danny to do "the situation face" or dont cuz you might fall in love) and 3 at the Microsoft booth, AND if you were one of the first 25,000 people to get in you got a special edition issue 2.5 comic in your swag bag!

ANYWAY the point of this post is Ed took a bit of a break. We were gonna go to sushi, we even sat down and had hot towels but decided we were too hungry to wait and got taco bell :) then went home and watched "the worst movie ever made" which strangely makes it the best. Do download this movie right now, unless you live in LA then go see a midnight showing.


Origami_potato said...

I'm sure their game is going to be really awesome! I can't wait to try it out on XBLA! :D

As for this movie, I *need* to see it now! Although I get the feeling I saw most of it in the trailer. haha!

Seeing in colour said...

OK i saw this somewhere awhile back and i thought it was a joke.... Hmmm.