Saturday, October 09, 2010

DIY dress

Hi! diy dress!

diy dress

Here is the dress! I attached the cute gingham mushroom stuff to a pretty "bra tank" that had a stain on it, and sewed on the pink woodgrain as a belt that ties in the back. I'm also wearing a pink woodgrain rosette :D

Afterthought: I would have made the belt thicker, that would probably be more flattering on my body. Also I love the top of the tank, which is why I didn't toss it, but it's too booby to ever have the cardigan unbuttoned. If anyone has tips on flattering looks for small high waists/ginormous butt&lovehandles I would love to hear them:D

Ed put this outfit together!

Ed looking delicious as usual, so effortless!


Seeing in colour said...

How cute!

How exactly did you do this?

MarySew said...

the dress looks super cute. and I think it suits you perfectly even without a bigger belt :)

The Dainty Squid said...

I think it looks absolutely adorable!

Danielleorama said...

Thank you guys <3

Ash, All you really need to know is basting, that's how I made the rosette too. Baste and attach to a shirt :) Wish I was a tutorial making sort of person but it makes my brain hurt. You can bast without a machine too!

Van said...

Adorable dress, I love the mushroom and the pink wood grain! I wear cute dresses with wedge flip flops, too. I like mobility without pain! As another curvy chick I like to:

-always define at the waist
-wear empire waist dresses
-medium length blazers/jackets because short ones just highlight problem areas.
-thicker fabric glides over curves, thin ones cling to unwanted areas. Better for the skinny gals who want the illusion of curves.
-always experimenting. I'm no fashion expert...