Friday, November 12, 2010

2 day photo dump pbblllt!

First, the most used areas of our craptacular apartment! You can see I've bought more totes and drawers to better organize, the fur and fat quarters are in totes in the other room :x

The beginning  of Ed's day: chapstick & an interview over skype

 2 new prints! and an awesome doll!! she's a sea monkey :D
 heidy kenney!
ashley g!
Monster High-Lagoona Blue 

and  now for the CATS!

Mmmk that's all for now. I babysit the two biggest bubs tomorrow and will attempt to take more pictures :D


Van said...

Love your house full of art and kitties :) And Meatboy fun!

Now you're making me regret not picking up a monster high doll. There was a default Latina one I would have killed for as a little girl :)

ohdearwatson said...

Fun stuff... Love that yellow framed owl..

corey marie said...

This post is so full of awesome that it's sure to explode!

cb said...

sea monkey doll, I LOVE IT!!!!! love all your art too, so great! i love collage art walls :)

man where oh where did you get that sea monkey doll, so cool!