Saturday, December 04, 2010

Kitty stuff!


It's getting painfully close, I went shopping for kitten stuff today to soothe myself.

Kitty stuff!

Including the stuff I got in the "baby shower in a box" from Tommy's family she has 
1 puffy jacket
1 fleece jacket
3 sweaters
cupcake collar
pink harness
black leash
super sweet bed
soft fuzzy piggy
and lots of toys!

sniffin stuff

Moxie wouldn't stop sniffing new kitty's stuff so she got put in a sweater. She really doesn't mind it so much anymore,especially when she's trying to kill the leash that was in her paws :)

Moxie modeling

Guppy the spoiled prince
Guppy and Moxie both got collars. Moxie has never had one before but Guppy's had a few, he always gets so snotty when he's wearing one. We call  him a spoiled prince, so yeah he's feeling fabuuulous!


Jenn said...

How fun! I make catnip toys if you ever need one...just saying...Squids and whales! :) I'm excited for you!

Mr.Lantel said...

The cat is so cute =D. Be cute if there was a santa cap on Moxie