Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tammy is here!

Well she's been here, but today is the first day since we've had her that I have a minute to post! Ed's etsy shop is closed and the last of the packages went out today along with presents. We are DONE with the post office until next year. I feel the tightness in my shoulders loosening already. Ed and I already opened presents on the 8th :x but ill wait to share some of the wonderous things I got till after xmas.Back to Tammy! Friday I woke up so super excited to get her, we were supposed to pick her up at the San Jose airport at 7:45pm. As you may  or may not know cargo flights they don't always go straight to their destination, for some reason Tammy's plane made a stop at Houston,TX and she missed her flight from TX to CA....i was going to have to wait another day for her to get a flight to San Jose...that was not happening!! I was able to get her on a flight going to San Francisco that would arrive at 11pm. It really wasn't a question of driving any further to get her since Ed was just as excited and very worried about her being  in a crate for that long, what a good dad ;)

We got a little  lost at the airport, it's huge!! and ended up being late which was good because it was still about 20 min. for her to get off the plane to cargo. Finally she arrived and I see the cutest little pink carrier coming towards us. So so so happy and excited for this moment. She was curled up very comfortably, once we started talking to her she got up and mewed at us. We signed the papers and Ed carried her out to the car, I got settled in my seat and opened the crate, when i reached in to get her i was SO surprised at how warm she was, hot even!

She was very vocal the whole ride home, hopping to the back seat, perching on the head rest. From my experience with a niece and 2 nephews I decided to "swaddle" her in hopes that she would calm down and she did, she fell right to sleep. Now when she's wondering a lil aimlessly or complaining, i scoop her up in her blanky and she falls right to sleep.

Moxie has already warmed up to her and they love playing, Mox was once the chasee and is now the chaser. Guppy is taking a bit longer. He's not stressed at all though so that's good, everything is normal until she gets too close to him and he hisses which doesn't phase Tammy at all :)

We're getting her used to the car and going out. So far she's been to the mall and been loved on by the masses and to my sister's house and survived the kids. My sister was afraid she might be freaked out by her and offend me but she's in a love. Ed's mom was positive she would be freaked out by her but fell in love the moment she touched her and has said ,"she feels beautiful". And her grammy (my mom) loves her to bits and spoils her with roast chicken<3

So far bathing her has been easy, and I trimmed her nails while she was sleeping. She already has quite a wardrobe and I attempted making a sweater last night that came out pretty awesome(see below), she's still in it so that's a good sign. Ok on to the pics! All of the photos from the past week are on my flickr, but I'll share some of my faves here.

not true but funny!

And now 2 videos

 That's all for now! Thanks for looking and I'll be back soo :)


The Dainty Squid said...

oh my gosh! she's beautiful!!!! eeeeee, i'm so jealous. i can't wait to see tons and tons more pictures of her. :D

Van said...

She's so beautiful, and I love her little sweaters! :) Keep the pictures coming, I would love a kitty like this one.

Consider my dear said...

Oh my freaking gosh! She is just the cutest! ::dies:: She deserves a daily photo! Why does she seem so much faster than a normal kitty?

Krista said...

I jut found the Tammy posts, I LOVE HER!!!!! I can't can't stop squealing!!! I wanna see more of What Tammy Wore :)