Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Catching up: We have a home

    A few months before Super Meat Boy came out we started looking for homes, nothing serious, no realtor just driving around and getting a feel for what was available in town. Before this game we had talked about buying a mobile home but really it's kind of a crazy dream to think of owning a home in santa cruz, this place is expensive! When the game was released we went from thinking we could get a really nice mobile home, to an average home, to possible something better.  Early on we were looking for some listings that we had found online and saw a sign for a place that wasn't on our list. We got out and looked at it and agreed that it was a dream house. I don't know how to explain it, just like the perfect family home that you'd see on tv.  We loved it so much that we decided we would get serious and call the listing agent and call out realtor to tell her we were ready. Unfortunately the listing agent said there was a sale pending. We were very disappointed and I felt like  further house hunting was going to be one big heartache.

   In the meantime we were really tired of our apartment. We had been there 6 years and with the addition of Tammy we were bursting at the seams. We decided we would move to a nice place so that we could  relax while we looked and just enjoy life after the craziness of SMB development. About  3 weeks after we moved into our "temporary house" ours dream house popped back up on the market. The previous sale fell through but those people did negotiate the price down by 50k!

   Our realtor got the keys and we finally got to see inside the house! Let me preface this by saying there are a lot of OLD homes in santa cruz. Almost every other place we had looked at would have needed a ton of work, hideous kitchens with old cupboards, crummy bathrooms etc...This house is 6 years old, has an indepth inspection report with the worst thing on it being doorknob screw missing, just minimal cosmetic stuff. All the walls were painted unique colors, beautiful cupboards, deluxe dishwasher and oven, fancy toilets that have lids that lower themselves slowly, granite counters everywhere and a huge master bath with a corner tub...we were in heaven. Ed said lets go for it and it started. This is about the time i had to give up project 365, because *buying a home is stressful*.

Tommy picking a giant lemon that was growing in the backyard, we have 2 avocado,grapefruit,tangerine and and orange tree!

   The first thing we had to do was meet with a broker and see what kind of loan we could get. We had good credit but a few dings on it that could easily be taken care of. Then there was the business of our taxes. We had filed an extension in 2009 and hadnt had them done yet, so we needed to file for 2009,2010, and do the business taxes before we could move forward. The title company gave us about 40 days to get this done, otheriwise we would have to pay $50 per day to stay first in line if they granted us an extension. We rushed around getting our taxes filed, at this time i really surprised myself at how much ass i kick in the grownup world. we were on track to close escrow as soon as our paperwork was filed...then I start getting some frantic emails that our 2010s have been recieved but not the 2009s this is confusing to me because i see that the IRS and friends have cashed the checks for turns out we were sent home with a copy of our taxes to give to our broker and that's it...but our cpa thought we had a copy to send in, i just assumed they were being e-filed. So no taxes filed, our time in escrow is almost up and we need at least a couple weeks for all of this to be processed, plus it's getting closer to actual tax time so that might hold us up even more.  The day we found that out i completely lost my mind, Tommy was visiting and he got to witness this breakdown, what a lucky guy :)  We rushed to our cpa got the documents and overnighted them. Our realtor did an amazing job stalling the bank and our taxes were processed about a day shy  from out deadline.

We closed escrow on April 8th.

It was a surprise and we ran over to get our keys before i could put any makeup on ;)

   We should be moving in by the 1st of May. Right now we are having the remaining carpet replaced with pergo and we've had a few rooms painted. We liked all the colors except for the master bedroom,master bath , and Ed's office. I really couldn't stand the color of the bathroom, it reminded me of pee :x


after, lilac

I saved the best news for last!!

This color was already there and I love it!

  I was very  very reluctant to the idea of having a room all to myself and just saying my studio made me feel funny. In the past few months I've gone from working at the couch/coffee table to having a desk so just that was an adjustment.  After thinking about how long I've been making plush and how hard we've worked I really warmed up to the idea. Now it's like of course I should have a studio...this is my job, duh! 

  I already have an awesome desk to put in it! 

Sewing night with Tera<3


Anonymous said...

okay so when ma'am makes a better game than super meat boy we're gonna buy a BIGGER HOUSE with a JETPACK and pARK IT ON TOP OF YOUR HOUSE

Wohinalthea said...

I really like your new home! and good work in your own studio ^_^

Wohinalthea (an italian fan!)

harmonybatham said...

well there you are! haha:) I love your new house! congrats!

Danielleorama said...

Thank you girls :D