Monday, April 25, 2011

omg steak!

Today was awesome. We went up the coast for a second, it was too cold to actually go down on the beach (how could we forget our sweaters!). Then we tried to check out this old cement plant that's in Davenport but it's completely shut down. There was a security guard and he said he couldn't give us a tour :/ It was kinda eerie because there were about 10-15 cars in the parking lot, they all belong to the made me think of a twilight zone episode where everyone disappears in the middle of the day.

 We spent some time at Ed's mom's house and visited with our littlest bub, he is hilarious and has some serious dance moves!  

After that we decided to try out one of the *fancy* restaurants in santa cruz. Fancy is subjective but for me a place that serves steak or lobster is usually fancy? right? This is overall a pretty casual town though so it wasnt a big deal that i was in shorts an a tank top and Ed in sandals. So we're seated at a table overlooking the ocean, oh btw the greeter was super snobby so we knew we were in the right place. Ed went to the restroom and while he was gone I heard something that startled me, this couple with 3 kids has an ipad set up on the window sill (ya know where the ocean was...) turned up super loud...OH HELL NO! we moved. I was so irritated by that, it's not fucking fresh choice yo. We totally snobbed the snobs, it was awesome.

We have never been to a nice place like this before,just the two of us, sushi doesnt count, so i was really hoping everything was good so Ed wouldnt be turned off to the idea of doing it again. We had an appetizer of Crostini, I know what youre thinking! How fancy :D that was delicious! Ed had some sort of chicken stuff and i had mocha scrubbed filet mignon, it was sooo soft and delicious! I used to call it bubblegum steak when i was little. Then for desert we had creme brule and I had coffee. Our waiter was super nice and everything was so tasty we also had a great show of what appeared to be a 17 year old couple who had drank an entire bottle of wine and were fighting, the best part was that since they were so wasted they didnt notice me gawking at the whole thing. After that I had a refill of coffee and we went upstairs to see comedy night. We caught the end of the last comic and there were even drunk hecklers that he put in their place. Needless to say it was great and it left a good impression on Ed, yay for me!

Oh! Last night I snuck in Ed's office and put a lil bunny plush i secretly made him on his keyboard<3

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