Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tights & kitties

Tomorrow we're meeting with a landscaper and a house cleaner for estimates. I wanted to clean everything myself but Ed convinced me to have it cleaned professionally so it's like we're really moving into a new house. And then with the landscaping, our backyard looks like it was stopped halfway through a project and then became overgrown. I'll let ya know how that goes tomorrow.

We had a bit of an uncomfortable moment today. Ok so first off, our home was sold for almost double what we paid for it when it was first built, before the crassssssh. Therefor there's very nice stuff inside it. As i said before we have these fancy pants toilets with slowly lowering lids. The cover of the tank of one of them is very broken so we figured Home Depot would have what we needed. We bring the lid in to show the guy and he *totally* rolls his eyes and was like you need to go to a specialty place....Uuuuh sorry? I swear we're normal :|   

I spent the rest of the day watching Being Human with my mom<3 I would link it but I don't want to search for it and find any spoilers! We have 3 more episodes.

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