Thursday, May 19, 2011

A bad thing and a good thing.

  Bad thing: I'm going to hopefully get my IUC removed tomorrow, it has become increasingly painful pretty much all the time. The plan is to go back on the nuva ring. I'd like to know what the real harm in being on hormone birth control for years at a time is, i feel like it cant possibly be good for you but is it truly harmful? The deal is when I'm 30 we'll reevaluate the situation and if we're 100% sure we don't want biological children Ed will get a vasectomy! Huzzah!! The nuva ring has it's cons too, I'll probably be moodier but at least i wont be in pain. I'm trying really hard to stay calm, because I want this thing out of me and when i think about it i feel on the verge of an anxiety attack :/

  Good thing: I'll be downloading the new Photoshop while I sleep!! Then I hope *fingers crossed* I will be having so much fun over at PuglyPixel.

Still working on orders so here is a pic of Tammy looking adorbs in her pink hoody. I'm still so amazed when her size smalls fit because XS were baggy on her for so long. *squee*

P.s. I put my blog button back <---- that you can pop on your blog if you like :)


camille yanair said...

i can have that cat?? soooooo CUTE! and i've heard nothing but good things about nuva ring, even that the mood swings are just like normal monthly ones so good luck with it!

Amy - a is for ampersand said...

Ah man, i was thinking about getting one of those, but you've reaffirmed my fears. I hate all BC. And that cat is
just too incredible!