Saturday, May 07, 2011

Happy Saturday!

I would say caturday but Tammy's still at it. We've been in our Home for a week! Today we headed over to Home Depot and bought the outdoor table set we'd been eyeing. It was a super deal and they only had the display model left so we took it! There are 2 more chairs not pictured, I cant wait to eat dinner outside :D

Our neighbors have 2 umbrellas...isn't that kinda overkill? get over yourself! :3

I spiffed up my weight loss blog a bit. I was thinking about doing something with it since the treadmill is all set up, something for fun and to keep me accountable? We really need to get covers for the garage windows. I cut my walk short last night(we set it up at 1am) because I got super freaked out and couldn't take it anymore. Ugh I'm such a scaredy cat :/ so yes, check out my other blog if you into that sort of stuff, it will be updated later tonight. Bye!


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