Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mudder's Day

 I hope you all had a lovely mother's day. We're celebrating tomorrow by taking our moms to that fancy pants place we went to on Easter. I'm dreaming about the creme brule :D

 Here are two of my babies doing something that makes me very nervous. Before I grabbed the camera Guppy's head was poking out more and my baby pup pup just has never been that agile so it really gives me a heart attack. And then Tammy the biggest klutz of all on that damn beam kills me. The only kitty I trust up there is Moxie, she's an acrobat.
*thinking of a blog feature for Monday*
See you tomorrow!


cuppy said...

You are killing it with that side ponytail! *giggle* You are so adorable !!!!

I love that you look so much like your mom <3


Consider my dear said...

Its going to turn into that episode of full house when DJ is babysitting and that boy gets his head suck in the railings! <3

Danielleorama said...

Haha! Grab the butter D: