Monday, May 09, 2011

Movie Monday no.1

We've been recollecting dvds that we had sold during Super Meat Boy development when we needed space and $$, this one was part of a pack. I remember this movie being on heavy rotation when me and my sister were little and all I could recall was thinking she was so pretty and wanting big boobs!! and cleavage! I'm pretty sure we've put this on while working in the past few years but we really sat down and watched it last night. It's totally hilarious, it's definitely in the same vein as PeeWee's Playhouse where there are tons of adult jokes that would have just flew over your younger self's head :) If you have a raunchy sense of humor and enjoy bad jokes I would say revisit this one and if you haven't seen it, oh my goodness! watch it!

p.s. Remember the biker mama in PeeWee's Big Adventure? That was none other than Cassandra Peterson a.k.a Elvira

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