Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ikea, The 7th ring of hell

   Today was...a day. I woke up from a deep sleep hearing an odd sound and i knew it had to be really loud if we could hear it in our bedroom. Last week a large tree was removed from our neighbors backyard and we slept through it. It sounded like the wall was being brushed with a giant push broom (thats the best description i have). I lay there wondering what it could be, Ed rolls over and says they must be fixing the door(the sliding glass door)...oh mind wanders back to hearing Ed's dad say that even though the outer pane broke  the entire thing needs to be removed. 

   This is where I FREAK THE EFF out, are you with me?? The cats!! I run downstairs to see a guy sweeping up broken glass...since we didn't answer the door they broke the glass to get the window in. Normally i would really appreciate such gumption but it would have been nice to know that an entire door sized hole was going to be in our living room. I'm calm about it now because everyone is ok but good lord that was an awful feeling. When i saw the door missing, i thought babies are gone. I ran back upstairs to tell ed and he got out of bed faster than I've ever seen <3 First I found Tammy and Moxie in my studio, then we finally found guppy in the guest bathroom squeezed into a little spot, he was so scared he peed by our bedroom door :( We carried them into the bedroom brought a litter box in and went back to bed. There was seriously some divine intervention at work here, our glass order came in the day after Tammy stopped being in heat and I happened to leave my studio door open...That was at for a normal person it would be like 4am...I had to eventually put Tam and Mox back out but Guppy slept under the covers with us till 4:30pm!! Oops! I guess we had some sleep to catch up on.

  We woke up, ate lunch and I guess after that traumatic experience we felt like we could do we went to Ikea. This was my second time and Ed's first. My phone led us in the wrong direction and we got pulled over in the "bad side" of town, with our license plate still gone we looked a little suspicious. Luckily the cop was really nice and directed us back towards Ikea. Ed hated it the minute we got there. We had about 45 min. till they closed and by the time we got to the warehouse he was exceptionally angry! and then we find out the glass cabinet that is clearly on display, the reason he came, is out of stock...

                    not happy ^
When Ed is in Hell, rest assured that I'm right there with him :)

Needless to say that will never happen again. We did get some stuff that we needed though. I got another expedit bookcase with attaching desk, 2 chairs, a shaggy green rug (it looks like grass), and some boring stuff that doesn't pertain to my studio. 

Before you go please please say a little prayer for Tammy, send good vibes,whatever it is you do. She is getting spayed tomorrow. I'll update you on how she does once she's home.


Elpoo said...

Elpoo said...

Poor you. Have you heard Jonathan Coulton's tribute to IKEA?

Thanks for following my blog! I like your crazy plushie creatures. If they were made of breakfast cereal, I would for sure have them every day.


Calista said...

I love your blog so much! I don't know why I didn't comment before. Congrats on the new house and on surviving Ikea. Did you know they train Ikea employees to deal with customers having nervous breakdowns and psychotic breaks? It's because it happens SO OFTEN.

Good luck to Tammy!