Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ok...What the heck

happened to Blogspot yesterday!? My previous post had a precious 3 comments! those are hard to come by when you first start blogging regularly :x I was so bummed that I couldn't give an update on how Tammy was doing and thank you for sending her love, so Thank you!!

  Tammy is doing very well, she even has her lil cone off. I was trying hard to keep in on her since she is definitely a licker but she chewed it up quite a bit and then got poop on it had to come off. At the moment she is slowly playing with her favorite spring toy. It seems no visit to the vet office is free of tears though no matter how smoothly it goes. A woman's 13 year old  cat was recovering from a fight and was still groggy from anesthesia, she was bobbing around in her crate and meowing which sounded just like Guppy's meow, so i dunno what you would have done but I started crying...whatever, I have problems.

I am sooo sooo glad that she's not in heat anymore, I was forgetting how much I loved her, I cannot express to you how annoying she was. Since she's been home I've been holding her most of the time and we took a nap together, she woke me up stretching and sticking her warm little paw pads on my eyelids.
Yesterday I took a break from 30minutes for 30days. I wanted to do it consecutively but i really need a break , I was tired from staying up and worrying about Tammy and I felt good about kicking butt the previous 5 days. So there's my excuse, but it's back on tonight!
I treated myself to a camera upgrade ealier this week. I had the canon rebel xsi and now have the t3i. It's so much lighter,faster, and shoots video :D Here's a tiny test! I'm looking forward to HD video blogging Oooo Aaaah.
Untitled from Danielle McMillen on Vimeo.

I'm very excited about picking something up tomorrow!! 
See ya<3


nova said...


We just recently got a (full-grown) bulldog and had him was crazy scary! Especially because we hadn't really known how risky it is to put bulldogs under until we were there, dropping him off. It was a tense day! And then when we went to pick him up he was sooooo confused and sad. AW!

Look at his sad face. PUPPY!!!

Calista said...

Yay kitty! I'm glad she's okay. :)

Mandy said...

So your ring is pretty much bad ass, lol if I might say myself and I am so glad Tammy is okay. No more stickin her butt up at you anymore!!! Just regular Tammy :)

Danielleorama said...

Thanks Calista :)

Heh thanks Mandy! yes thank god, it's so disturbing to see your little baby all slutty D: