Saturday, May 14, 2011

Oh loooord!

This is what I was so excited to pick up, my wedding ring! Even though it was the most gorgeous ring i have ever owned i felt like it looked like an engagement ring. Ed had actually surprised me on our 6 year wedding anniversary by taking me to the jewelers....but if you remember i hadn't slept well and I also hadn't worn my ring oops! but we went in anyway and talked about what we could add. We came in a week later and sent my baby away. I was already very attached to it and nervous to change it but it turned out so so beautifully, I seriously never thought I would ever own a ring like this. I love it so much! and Ed of course for understanding my sometimes irrational love of jewelry♥


giddy99 said...

Oh, WOW. That is freakn' gorgeous. :)

* said...

that is beautiful!

mentalmulch said...

Ooooo so beautiful!