Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Kristen Schaal Funnies

  We had stopped watching the Daily Show a few months ago, it was usually our go to lunch program but it can be rather depressing. I am not a fan of the news, i try to avoid the news at all costs so that I can get out of bed and leave the house without fearing for my life. We randomly watched an episode the other day and just in time for this Weiner scandal D: and Sarah Palin's tour bus of doom. Anyway since I've heard about this dick pic scandal throughout the day I think, "what the hell is wrong with men?" no one wants to see your junk, unless they're committed to you and love you, otherwise eeeeww. Then this bit with Kristen Schaal came up and mocked it perfectly.

I found this one too, extra hilarious!

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