Monday, June 06, 2011

Movie Monday No.5

This is another one that I probably would have heard a lot about if we had TV. Last week at my sister's birthday the kids were shouting GNOMEOOOO AND JUUULIEEEET! and I said,"what the heck is that?!" Then I forgot about it till I was at my sister's today and she popped it in. It was instant love! I haven't even finished it yet because we packed up the kids to go to my house in the middle of it D: but I asked my niece if I could borrow it...I dunno if it's just Acacia or all 4 going on  5 year olds...but she informed me that i could just buy it...then said uuuummm maybe next time. I told her I would be seeing her the next day and she relented, jeeze!! I mean, I let this girl play with my Blythes, c'mon!! 

 Ok so back to the movie, it looks lovely and I hear familiar voices that I love like, Stephen Merchant and Ashley Jensen. Looking on Rotten Tomatoes I don't really understand why it has such a low rating, but I also wasn't really hearing it, with the children singing along and jumping on me, but it looks so so lovely and I want to do up my back yard magically and sew some gnomes now too :) If you like Elton John that's a plus because he was an executive producer, "... shenanigans play out to a score of classic Elton John songs (and two new ones) and a script crammed full of pop-culture references and Shakespeare puns"  So yeah, if you like that sort of thing or just want to see a really pretty animated film go for it. I'll be watching the rest of it later tonight!


Amber said...

I want to see this, it looks hilariously cute.

j.lee said...

You need these.