Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thank goodness for instagram :D

I mean...I know I should be taking more photos with my "real" camera but it's so much easier to capture spontaneous moments with my phone and I do so love the vintage feel instagram gives :D Let me know what your name is if you have an account, I'm Danielleorama.

1.The top row is first a banana split from an impromptu ice cream adventure with Igrid,Scott, and Bruce. The only flavor I got that I couldnt eat was Cardamom Pistachio, it sounded amazing but when I tasted tasted like the way the hot tub place we go to smells :/  The trolls are 2 of the best magnets I've ever seen, Ingrid picked them up at an airport in Norway.

2&3. What do you do when there are is an extreme lack of co-op videogames on the market?? Go old school! I love me some board games. I used to be kind of intimidated by them because, like i said before, I thought I wasnt good at strategy or learning and following a series of rules...but how can you be good at something if you have no practice. Which is an amazing and simple lesson to learn, everyone has the ability to get better at something, so dont give up immediately! Anyway, I got some new dice for Catan, tiny ones and round ones! the 2nd pic is Carcassonne , it was pretty fun, but will definitely be better with more players. The bottom two photos are of Guillotine, a super fun and quick card game.

4. Receiving some Moxie love in the morning and freshly washed feather extensions in my hair c/o Ingrid. I ordered quite a few feathers off ebay so prepare to hear more about them shortly.

5. The souvenirs Tommy got us in Hawaii came today. Aren't they sweet? Our names are engraved on the back of the tiki guy :) These are so much better than the 10 pound note I got when he went to England! And the last photo are me and my niece's hand  after my sis gave us a manicure with those nail polish sticker things, makes me melt every time I look at it<3

 I've been in my studio sewing and listening to more great expectations this evening and am about to head back up there. Thank you so much for the comments on Renaud, it really made my day. Funny story, I think so anyway, he is off to live with his namesake in Quebec. About 3? years ago I was outside the game developer's conference talking to the real Renaud and he was helping me pronounce his name, like Reh-no I believe is how it is said with a possible rolled r?  So yeah when I was editing pics of my little Red Panda R I was thinking of that conversation and had no idea that the real R would ever see him and was also pondering if whoever bough him would know how to pronounce his name. Well, now I don't have to worry :D 


Krista said...

I love Instagram and I love the one with the troll dudes holding fish...creepy cute!!! My Instagram account is t8nkgirl.

Have a good weekend!!!

Sarah Knight said...

Very cool : )

nova said...

My mom used to collect trolls that looked like those ones. I wonder what ever happened to them...maybe they escaped.

emily b said...

I'm with ya! I hardly ever use my "real" camera any more, either. The Instagram photos are just too cool, and too convenient!

Courtney said...

So, I think we kinda like the same things and I was wondering if you ever heard/watched the AVGN on YouTube...he does Nintendo games obvious but he also films about board games (under the category of Board James) and it is awesome and hilarious. I thought you might like it too. I like playing board games-they are nice and slow and allow for chatter and competition.

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

I love these pictures! =)

Destiny said...

I've been re-smitten with Instagram for the last few weeks. My username is destinyg. Just followed you! =)