Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Base: painterly, naked pigment all over (mac)
Brow to lid:
beauty marked(mac)

I feel like I might have used mythology(mac) but I cant remember.
I was actually trying to do this, but in the step where you put a little color on the outer crease I put a lot. I like how it turned out though. I think my blending looks pretty good, but then again I don't really know :D

 After reading a makeup book I ordered I was thinking that my eyebrows have that overly plucked look. I've had the same shape since I was 13 when my friend's brother's girlfriends plucked them, plus they're light. It's such a pain in the ass to let them grown out., I've never gone this long without giving up. Once they all make there way out I'll go to a professional to have them shaped.

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Krista said...

Look at you Ms. Smokey eyes with a bit of sparkle! I need to play more with my eyes, but the colors just sit in my drawer and I go to my usual orb, then some cork, topped with some neutral sparkle, all by MAC because I'm a mac girl!