Monday, July 11, 2011

Movie Monday No.9

It's actually TV I'm talking about today, terrible pointless reality TV! I thought about doing a movie but I wanted to share what I've actually been watching... Just to be clear these are not shows that you could just sit and watch, you have to be doing something else. In my case sewing,reading blogs, or editing photos.
 I thought this show was going to be a hilarious disaster, I remember seeing something about it on a Talk Soup clip. It was actually pretty normal. If you don't like her you probably will after watching this. She's totally normal, funny, and cusses a lot. The highlight of the show is when she calls a tabloid writer a c_nt! Her kids are barely on it but they're so cute and sweet. Doesn't that one on the left look like Charlie Sheen? She has a super nice helpful dad too...oddly normal.  Through this show I learned about the first movie she was ever in and I'm trying to get my hands on it. Tammy and the T-rex, the dinosaur is her boyfriend?
I'm on the 5th episode of this. It's sort of interesting...I'm always intrigued by people who seems to have so much going on and are very business savvy. If you've ever watched Americas Next Top Model, Kimora will remind you a lot of Tyra Banks, weird ghetto voice just pops out of her aaaaall the time. What I find strange is that if you google pics of when she was young she looks way less exotic and more black, but she's definitely had a lot of work done and made herself look more asian... The highlight of the show so far was when one of her assistants tells one of the daughter's who is grumpy,"are you just gonna site there with a puss on your face?" Is that actually a thing to say?! Sounds a little...gross, to me. To be honest she is almost so annoying and over the top it will be hard to finish this season, but I'm sure I will :)

 Good gravy! This one is by far the best...These people are insane. The two older sisters are slut bags, the littlest sister is either crazy or she's doing the teenager hormone thing a little late. You get to see that one up there cry a lot and she's an ugly crier. The first episode features the mom home schooling all 3 girls and the curriculum is from...The Secret...yeah. Again it's crazy but not so entertaining that you'll be glued to it.

If you like listening to stuff while you work and crazy bad TV then my job here is done<3

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I BLEED PINK said...

I watched the whole season of "Pretty Wild" and can honestly say I wanted more. This family was INSANE and I loved every min of that hot mess!