Sunday, August 14, 2011

Exclusive Hands On Play Through //
The Binding of Isaac (Beta)


  Hey guys, this is Ed's latest project The Binding of Isaac. I've watched him work on it from it's very inception on paper, I feel very lucky to be a part of his projects and give him feedback. This is the first game that he's told me about that I thought maybe he was messing with me or testing me to see if I was listening because it was so bizarre... I started playing it 3 days ago and have spent many many hours since.

  For awhile I couldn't get past the first boss, I haven't used key controls since Quake Arena maybe 10 years ago? I would get frantic and lose where my fingers were and die, but it's so fun that I just kept at it. Every time you play there are new items and as you can see below they stack and you can become a crazy powerful monster. My favorite incarnation was a combo of The Crown of Thorns, Max's Head, and The Devil Card...I had huge bloody tears that annihilated guys, it was awesome! and then I got cocky and frantic... and died.

  So after many hours spent during the past three days, tonight I got to The Depths, just one level away from Mom! Ugh! I gave 3 cents to a baby legless bum and he gave me some dog food and flew away. I was such a monster but there were just too many guys and I only had 1.5 hearts and no one was dropping them also the damn shopkeeper attacked me...not cool.

Highlights from some of my play throughs:
  • Killing all 4 basic bosses in the basement and unlocking Monstro's Tooth
  • Learning how to find the secret room and getting mad pennies.
  • Finding a nickle in some poo.
  • Finding a liver in a secret room, which gave me a total of seven container hearts, unlocking Magdalene (Isaac in a blonde wig)
  • Having 5 full hearts and then getting a Rosary which gave me 3 soul hearts, then finding a pill which gave me balls of steel (another 2 soul hearts).
  • "Firing my laser" straight into Larry 1 hit killing him.
I hope you enjoyed my little peek of the game. If you have any questions ask away and yes I plan on making Isaac plush very very soon :D

^The Depths^


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nailhead04 said...

Tell Edmund if he needs more people to test...then I'm would dutifully volunteer!


Krista said...

SO far reminds me of Legend of Zelda, and everyone loves that game :)