Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Me! // KittyPinkStars

I woke up to this super lovely illustration by my friend and fellow plushteamer Kitty<3, made me all teary, luckily I hadn't put mascara on yet!

She did this awesome one of me and Ed a a couple months ago, isn't it the sweetest! You should check out her shop, besides cute drawings she makes adorable creatures :D


 I had a super awesome birthday! I'll tell you all about it soon! *yawn*


Kittypinkstars said...

Aww! You are more than welcome! Didn't mean to make you cry though! Phew thank goodness you hadn't got all dolled up yet haha! ((BIG HUGS)) xoxox

Krista said...

Happy Happy Burfday to you!

Melissa at said...

Happy birthday! Love the illustrations!

Elpoo said...

Happy belated birthday! COntinue to rock furiously!