Friday, August 26, 2011


Last night I sewed and it was glorious, well maybe not glorious but it was pretty good. When I haven't sewn for awhile I  get such a lil surge of good feelings when I hear my machine humming. And then going downstairs and showing Ed the finished product is awesome too. These are prototypes for The Binding of Isaac, remember when I posted about it? There are more characters and items that I want to make too :D They'll be for sale in Ed's shop once the game comes out(mid September).

In other sewing news we finally hung up my thread holder! It's so awesome and definitely gives me motivation to get my studio in shape! I know everyone loooves craft room photos so I'll work on it :D


Krista said...

Super CUTE!!!!

Cas said...

Love love love!! They are so cute and the mermaid is beyond gorgeous. :D